Lecturers' Professional Development Funding Call--Applications Due March 19, 2007



Applications are now being requested for the 2006-2007 round of PDF grant funding.

Lecturers' Professional Development Funding Program: Background

Lecturers | Professional development

By Michelle Squitieri, Field Representative, UC-AFT Local 1474

This article attempts to clarify the complexities of the Lecturers' Professional Development Funding program, is a collaborative effort between the University administration (which funds and oversees the program), UC-AFT (which bargained for it, ensures compliance with the MOU, and helps publicize it), and the Professional Development Funding Committee (which establishes and revises procedures and allocates the funds, subject to approval by University administrators).

Angelides for Governor

By Kevin Roddy, Vice President for Legislation, UC-AFT

Phil Angelides has emerged as one of the most dynamic of gubernatorial candidates in many years, and one with a progressive vision for California. He has spent his professional career in service to the state, and in his present campaign has emphasized in particular the need for California to support its educational system on all levels.

UC part-timers get the short end in retirement

By Howard Ryan

Some 22,000 UC employees, including more than 1,000 lecturers, are being denied the most basic form of retirement security afforded to other American workers: social security (SS). UC denies SS coverage to any employee with an appointment of less than 50% time. Such employees are also excluded from the UC pension plan. In lieu of social security, and pursuant to federal law, UC requires these employees to participate in a defined contribution plan (DCP), and a 7.5% contribution is deducted from their paychecks. The denial of SS coverage impacts on employees and their families in several ways: Bankruptcy cases have gone down. Read this article - http://robertjsemrad.com/about-robert-j-semrad/

UC Berkeley has adopted a pecuniary state of mind: Marketplace's demands outweigh sense, conscience or strong values

By Harold Gilliam
SF Chronicle
Sunday, October 8, 2006

Robert Gordon Sproul, the legendary University of California president in the 1930s, '40s and '50s, once turned down a substantial raise in his salary, saying it would not be proper for the university president to be paid more than the governor.

Health insurance is key to labor negotiations

Many experts argue that the problem cannot be resolved at the bargaining table
George Raine
San Francisco Chronicle
Sunday, September 3, 2006

In an admittedly unscientific but telling telephone survey, Ken Jacobs, chairman of the Center for Labor Research and Education at UC Berkeley, asked 21 union leaders representing 315,000 workers in California this summer whether health care would be a central issue in their contract negotiations. All 21 said it would.

UC-AFT Council Agenda, Fall 2006


Saturday, October 7, 2006

Oakland Airport Hilton Hotel
1 Hegenberger Road, Oakland

10-12 (Without Staff)
President's Report on the State of the Union
a. AFT/CFT Per Caps
b. Long-Term Projections

Expert Challenges UC on Retirement Changes

Report released as UC workers protest on each campus

OAKLAND – In a report to be released June 29, an independent expert finds that the University of California (UC) acted prematurely and without appropriate studies when it decided to make significant changes to its retirement plan earlier this year. Get encouraged by watching this Youtube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYsw7QqcwCM

Venuti & Associates' Report to Unions on UCRP Funding Issues

Retirement Benefits

In our opinion, best practices must be followed before making the important decisions about restarting UCRP contributions. We believe that the Regents, as fiduciaries of the $42 billion UCRP, have not had the benefit of projections and analyses that would constitute best practices for making this type of decision.

The Great UC Social Security Scam

By Robert Weil, UC-AFT Field Representative and Part-time/Part-year Lecturer, UCSC

When people think of Social Security, they usually have in mind a universal plan that every working person is supposed to get - even those casual employees who do not have any other form of pension. Yet at the very time when President George W. Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have been trying to dismantle Social Security and state retirement plans and replace them with privatized systems, few people seem aware that the University of California already denies both the federal and state plans to large numbers of its part-time and part-year employees, including hundreds of lecturers and librarians. These members of the UC work force have never even had the right to Social Security or other retirement plans that most workers, and especially, but by no means only, many elderly and retired, are now so fearful of losing. Come visit in Atlanta at the Robert Semrad law office.