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All Unit 17 librarians and Unit 18 lecturers are covered by UC-AFT contracts, and have the legal right to UC-AFT representation, whether or not they are union members. To cover the costs of representation members of those units are required by state law to pay UC-AFT agency dues or fees, regardless of membership status. This is called “fair share”; a small percentage of your salary is deducted from your pay check each month. Its use is carefully regulated by state law.

However, the University’s withholding of “Agency fees” does not automatically make you a member of UC-AFT. The decision to join the union is voluntary and requires that you fill out a membership form. Union members' dues are recorded on pay statements as “UC-AFT Dues”; nonmembers' fees are recorded as “Agency Fee.” The amount withheld is the same for union members and nonmembers, though non-members may request a small refund annually (the proportion spent on union activities that are not considered strictly representational), as required by state law.

Why join if you're paying for the union anyway? There are two important advantages to joining the union. First, your union represents you, so your support is critical. By joining, you increase the union’s leverage (your leverage), since membership numbers are read by employers as support for the union’s work representing you—on campus and at the bargaining table. Second, while anyone who is eligible to join may participate in most local union meetings on this campus, only union members may vote. Thus, only union members have the power to decide the direction and priorities of the union, choose its local leadership (who in turn vote for the systemwide leadership), establish bargaining positions, and vote on contracts.

It takes just a minute to join. Click on the link below

membership form

to download the form, print it, and fill it out. Complete the sections provided for your contact and employment information; leave any section that you don't understand or don't have information for blank. (If you don't have your employee ID handy, leave that section blank.) Don't forget to sign and date the signature line (to the right, above the bottom section).

The separate section at the bottom of the form authorizes an optional, additional monthly contribution toward candidates and legislation supporting members' principles and goals. It's important but entirely voluntary. Sign and complete that bottom section only if you choose to make such a contribution; otherwise leave it blank.

You can return the form to the following address:

Michelle Squitieri
Field Representative
UC-AFT Local 1474
1332 Shattuck Ave. #6
Berkeley, CA 94709

If you have questions or comments, you can also ask Michelle to drop by your office, call her at 510 841-1609, or email her at .

For more information, please browse this site and the UC-AFT site. Better yet, contact a colleague or staff person from the list on the next page.