What We Do

Before UC-AFT negotiated its first contracts with UC, the working conditions and salaries for non-Senate faculty and librarians were completely arbitrary, subject only to the whim of the university administration. For example, after 8 years of teaching at any UC campus, lecturers were automatically terminated, no matter how excellent their performance or how badly their skills were needed. UC-AFT put an end to this system, winning for lecturers with a record of 6 years of excellent teaching the right to more stable employment: initially (in the 1986 MOU), to 3-year contracts with an expectation of renewal, and recently (in the 2003 MOU), to continuing, career appointments.

The new MOU for Unit 18 lecturers also provides some new—limited but important—protections for lecturers before their sixth year. Moreover, since the new Unit 18 MOU provides for third-party arbitration for the most important provisions, it is far more enforceable than previous agreements. We have also won significant gains for lecturers and librarians in the areas of salary, benefits, professional development support, academic freedom, and due process rights.

The work of non-Senate faculty and librarians is at the core of both the teaching and research missions of UC. We believe fulfilling these missions requires professional working conditions. In future negotiations, your bargaining representatives will therefore continue to advocate for higher salaries, including parity with Senate faculty, better benefits, improved job security, regular merit reviews/increases, career equity, realistic workloads, and increased professional recognition and support. Thanks to the increased funding provided by the California “Fair Share” law in the last few years, we now also have union staff on all the campuses. Their job is to assist the locals in building the organization, and to protect the people we represent.