UC-AFT Council Agenda, Fall 2006

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Oakland Airport Hilton Hotel
1 Hegenberger Road, Oakland

10-12 (Without Staff)
President's Report on the State of the Union
a. AFT/CFT Per Caps
b. Long-Term Projections
c. AFT Relations
d. CFT Office move to Alameda

12-1 Lunch (With Staff), Librarian Caucus

Executive Director's Report
Librarian Caucus Report
PERB Health case
Organizing and Bargaining
a. Senate Faculty Update
b. Librarian Update and Bargaining Issues
c. Lecturer Manual and Bargaining Update
d. Pension Discussion

3-5 Legislative
a. Social Security
b. COLA's
c. Compensation Scandal
d. California State-Wide Elections
e. Coalition work

Note: Recent news about rising health coverage premiums is not yet listed on the agenda but will almost certainly be added.